Mai Hime Series (2004-2006)

My all -time favourite anime!

(left to right) Mikoto Minagi (da cat) , Tokiha Mai (da boobs), Natsuki Kuga (da cool)

First, I want you to know that yes, there is a manga. No I do not recommend you read it. It does not have one single spec of Yuri in that thing. The anime however, is almost no way related to the manga. The only thing they have in common are characters.

I will be reviewing all of the series and it’s sequals/prequals to it as well. This includes Mai Otome, Zwei, and 0~S.ifr~

Although the Yuri storyline is not really the main plot line, it serves as in interesting and lovable side story that you just can’t help but “awwwe”. The main characters for this are Tokiha Mai, a hard working, caring, big boobed, and suspiciously powerful girl. Natsuki Kuga, the cold, tsundere, rightfully powerful, badass, coolness oozing off of her, with occasional embarrassing moments, and odd obsessions that prove she’s human. Mikoto Minagi, a childish middle school girl with a large, mysterious sword, and powerful usage of it. I don’t want to spoil too much. I’ll get in to plot later on.

I will only recommend that for Mai-Hime.


Mai Otome takes place in the future of the Hime world, where most characters are re-incarnated in the new world, with the focus on another trio. Arika Yumemiya, Antsy because she looks like one, who has odd powerful powers cause her mom did (that’s not a spoiler, you find that out in like the second episode) a loud annoying dumbass who reminds you a lot like Naruto but with bigger boobs. Mashiro, the spoiled princess of a falling kingdom, and Nina Wang, no she’s not Chinese, but she’s quiet, cold, tsundere, and rightfully powerful cause you know, she worked for it.

Not a lot of Yuri in that. In fact it’s quite minimal to the point that….well…I’ll get into how much later but I mean there’s only really subtext and not a whole lot of that, might I add. There’s only about 3 minutes of reciprocated Yuri that is subtext. The rest is about 5 minutes of something that was un-reciprocated yuri that you wished never happened (Trust me on this one).


Legit, i can’t remember who these people are…

Mai Otome Zwei is the OVA and 0~S.ifr~ is a pre-qual to Mai Otome (but still after Hime) and focus mostly on the mother of of Antsy—I mean Arika. Honestly, I can’t remember a lot of what actually happened. I personally didn’t feel like this deserved a rewatch on my part, but to each and their own.

It wasn’t bad, per se, but as for Yuri content, well there’s a whole lot more if that’s what you’re asking. Mostly one-sided but comical. I think there’s one pairing in this that isn’t and hints of an ex-pairing. Not much but I honestly just didn’t care much for this.

Overall Rating: 8/10 (more details as to why below, but contains spoilers)

Yuri Rating: 6/10


Ok now that I’ve done that, don’t complain to me later if you haven’t seen it (omg why have you not seen it yet?!)

On to content, character, plot review.

Mai Hime

Ok I loved it.

I mean, I can stand straight pairings. Mai and Tate I can live with. It was a straight up hilarious pairing. What frustrated me the most was Tate’s lack of understanding of Mai’s motives, and his attachment to his “little sister” with like, friggen 8 ponytails. I mean for fucks sake, DITCH THE GIRL.

I also felt a little uncomfortable with the subtext of Mai and Mikoto. I mean, it’s not cannon or anything but I just find it a little uncomfortable, what with Mikoto looking and acting like she’s 8 rather than 14.  Pedobear? Anyone? Everytime I read a fanfic with those two though, I can’t help but cringe. The girl is just too immature for that =/

The pairing that made this series: Shiznat. Ok if you’ve never heard of Shiznat, here:





Best. moment. ever. Ok second best cause there’s one later on that I just LOVE. But maybe I won’t put it in for spoiler sake? I mean… know in case you decided to scroll down….


Ok I admit, Shizuru psychotic is not really attractive for most. Ok and you know what, if she weren’t hot, it wouldn’t be. But I dunno man, something about that devotion…I mean….where’s MY Psychotic lover that will kill a whole organization for me….;___;

Admit it. You wouldn’t mind if she cut you down.

And Natsuki is undoubtedly cute. Although tsundere, she does show feelings just like everyone else, and eventually you get to love her at a human level. Oh and she’s hot too.

I’m sorry I couldn’t hear what you were saying. I was too busy drooling.

Personality wise, she’s not my type but you know what, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate! These two make the absolute perfect couple ❤ I love it. This is what made the series for me (I am not joking).

Oh I mean the storyline wasn’t too bad either. The battles made sense, happy ending, serious and I guess emotional battles. You also realize through this anime, what you like and what you don’t like. Example, brother/sister relationship, gender bender cross dressing, older men with a younger woman relationship, forced….., and so on. There is such a variety for pairings I mean, you’re bound to like one right? In this case I just liked one 8D

My Otome


It is nothing like Hime. Let me make that clear. The only thing they have in common are characters.

There’s Chi and Aoi who still exist and sure, ShizNat is more pronounced in this (hinting that they live together….that’s about it). Not much to go on pertaining to Yuri content.

As for storyline itself….there are even weirder pairings and endings in this one. If you thought brother/sister was bad, wait till you get a load of this one.

It’s daughter/father. WOAH WOAH WAIT. She’s adopted. But still it’s a lot like Tate/sister but not really sister. She has a huge huge “i love you more than a father” crush and….it’s uncomfortable to say the least =/

Mashiro is nothing like the one in Hime either. She’s bossy, rude, spoiled, sooo not calm and wise like she was in the first.

As for Antsy, I can’t even remember if she had a relationship. A little subtext with her and erstin but, I mean you’re really going to have to try and stretch that one.

I really hated Tomoe Margurite. I mean Psychotic Shizuru was ok. But If you thought Shizuru was crazy, wait till you get a load of this girl…

I know what you’re thinking “oh hey, she looks pretty cute! Not bad! What’s so bad about her?” Uh, she’s fucking batshit crazy. Like I mean, crazy crazy. Shizuru was “I went crazy for the one I love”. This girl is “I’m just fucking batshit crazy.” like holy shit. She’s selfish and manipulative in a cruel way, and I think that’s what makes the difference.

And she has a weird fetish. Like this is a new one I’ve never heard before. She has a fetish for baby toys/being treated like a baby? Yeah, that’s where I strongly wtf’d.

Otome was otherwise, I would say worth watching. It was entertaining overall other than the weird pairings. But I liked it. Also had some quite humorous scenes that I think are definitely worth watching.

Will never be able to stop laughing at this scene. You can’t tell what it is if you’ve never watched it, but it was fucking hilarious

Now, you don’t have to watch Hime to understand this one, but I mean. WHY WOULD YOU NOT WATCH HIME?!?!?!

I won’t go over Zwei since it’s pretty much a continuation of Otome.

My Otome 0.Sifr

I don’t remember seeing half of these people….

Highly optional. When it comes to Yuri content I’d say there’s a lot of one-sidedness but one canon pair. Others are…meh.

Story line wise it’s not bad, but I honestly couldn’t care less. Considering how you already know what happens in the end, none of it is a real surprise.  But again, not bad. It’s short so it doesn’t waste too much of your time.

Overall, I love the series! Even if it is just for Shiznat, I still love it! The storyline isn’t bad at all and the battle systems aren’t complicated, and make sense.

However, I could do less on the weird pairings.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Yuri Rating: 6/10


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