Strawberry Panic! (2003)

In this review, I will be going over my thoughts of the Strawberry Panic Storyline, artwork, as well as the differences in the anime and manga. The Full series fan translated to English can be found here .


Rating: 8/10 (more details as to why below, but contains spoilers)

The manga starts out with an opening scene of Shizuma breaking a girls heart. Then reverts back to Nagisa, dressing in her school uniform, and making her way towards school, while speaking in 3rd person.

At least, that’s how the English translation is.

Note, that although I found this extremely annoying, the translator refused to translate it properly (I guess) as she speaks in 3rd person. However odd that may be, i recall plenty of Japanese people speaking like this. It is apparently normal, and is supposed to be translated to English differently.

Through out the manga, Shizuma has tried to capture Nagisa, like she has with every other girl. But Nagisa actually resists (somewhat) to her player ways! This makes Shizuma all the more determined to make Nagisa hers!

The rest of the manga is mostly focused on the etoile elections, and her ever growing closeness to Shizuma.

Art Rating: 10/10

Yuri Rating: 10/10

Overall Rating: 8/10 (more details as to why below, but contains spoilers)


Differences between Anime and Manga:


For a start, Shizuma herself isn’t that player-ish. In the Anime, she is more viewed as, you can look but can’t touch. She wasn’t seen as much as a player until later on, when she is caught almost kissing another girl. However, she is much much more of player in the manga. She touches Nagisa, tries to seduce her, kisses her publicly, tries to take advantage of her at every opportune moment, and says super suave lines. In the Anime she’s not so attached. She’s kind, but not suave, she’s graceful and more reserved.

Actually if I think about it….everyone is way more forward. Amane is more outgoing instead of shy and quiet, even Yaya chan.

Even Miyuki/Rokujou-sama has a potential pairing with someone who’s NOT Tamao or Shizuma!

As for Tamao and Nagisa. She’s just as possessive, but it’s less creepy. It seems more for comic relief rather than as a serious rival of Shizuma (although it still makes her jealous)

Yaya is such a flirt in the anime. But most of it is playful teasing but…. remember that one scene in the anime where Yaya tried to take advantage of Hikari? Yeah that happens in chapter 3 of the manga. In a library. Woah girl.

Nagisa even watches. WOAH.


Yuru Yuri anyone? Anyone?…..

Another, Nagisa is about 10x more embarrassing than she is in the Anime. I mean, if you thought that was bad, she’s just worse in this one. Nagisa also doesn’t faint while talking to Shizuma.

In the Anime, there weren’t many classroom scenes. But in the manga, that’s all there is. It’s less focused on the dorms and more focused on the schools. Tamao actually met Nagisa in class! O= LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. UNLIKE THIS:


The manga also focuses wayyy more on the fact that the school Miator is catholic. Unlike the anime, where that is easily forgettable/not important whatsoever.

Chiyo gets introduced straight off the bat. In the Anime you have to wait till Nagisa’s second year. NOPE. NOT IN THE MANGA.

There’s even some new characters, like did you know there were vice-presidents? I didn’t….Even Spica’s president looks weird O_o much hotter…

For the plot itself, it does revolve around the Etoile elections. It’s very different from the anime. There aren’t just three couples competing, it’s a whole bunch. Not only that, the competitions involving questions about astrea hill history, wooing the fans to favour you during your vows/questions, horseback ride-racing, which involves the onee-sama’s to ride towards their etoile partners and cross the finish line with them.

I won’t tell you how it ends but it’s the same. In the anime, Nagisa dropped out…but in the manga…well she didn’t. I’ll just say that.

They don’t have to run away together either :3

The Art

The art itself, although different from the Anime, gives the characters a more girlish look, eg. Amane. It’s definitely not bad as all the girls are cute though :3

Which one is better?

It’s kind of had to say. They’re both quite different. Different personality’s, different storyline, so it is hard to say.

I personally enjoyed the Anime more though, because it just went more in depth. Shizuma was more complicated, and you see Nagisa grow much more.

Still not a bad manga though. Worth the read!

Art Rating: 10/10

Yuri Rating: 10/10

Overall Rating: 8/10


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Panic! (2003)

  1. I enjoyed this anime, and I also loved the opening and opening theme songs, and the music videos that went with them. They might be out on YouTube somewhere, or maybe someone will re-post them.
    Oddly, this was one of the first full anime series that I watched (used Netflix) when I made a return to watching Japanese animation.

    I watched it in Japanese language with English sub-titles for the most part. One subtle part was that I liked learning how the honorifics were used in different situations. Most English dubs, and many English translations drop the honorifics.

    Overall a great, and a landmark series.

    You do not have to allow this comment, but where else would I make it. I believe that the title “Strawberry Panic” is a euphemism for Nagisa’s sexual awakening. Otherwise, how does a strawberry literally “panic”. A clitoris looks a little like an inverted strawberry. Her new and sudden feelings and her clit throbs she experiences over Shizuma and excitement of falling in love for the first time were the “Strawberry Panic”. (Not trying to be “dirty” here, I just wonder if I caught what the author meant in this piece of art.) Otherwise, I have never see the title reference.

    I think that I speak for a lot of Yuri fans when I wish that there would be alive-action version of this someday.

  2. I don’t think the translator of Strawberry Panic! is wrong. Even here in South East Asia, at least for those of us with an oriental background, 3rd person speech is often used.

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