Strawberry Panic! (2006)

One of the best pure yuri/shoujo ai anime’s I ever had the honour to view. I review the manga separately as it is a separate storyline. The comparison will be in the Manga review.!_title_page.png/230px-July_2004_Dengeki_G%27s_Magazine_Strawberry_Panic!_title_page.png

The plot centres around three highly prestigious sister schools.

St. Miator, known for being graceful and intelligent.

(left to right) Nagisa, Shizuma, Tomao, Chiyo

St. Lulim, known for being free-spirited and open minded. Focusing more on extra-curricular activities.


(left to right)  Kizuna,Chikaru, Remon, Kagome

St. Spica, known for excelling at sports

(left to right) Hikari, Amane, Yaya, Tsubomi

Speaking quite frankly, they’re all cute and hot. They are also all girls school so you don’t even have to worry about boys. 🙂

I absolutely loved this anime. No boys? check. Swarm of girls i get to choose from? check. Cute pairings? Double check. Not to mention the plot aint bad.

It centres around a clumsy girl named Nagisa Aoi, a transfer student to the school. Her first day and she accidentally bumps into the mysterious, “cold” player Shizuma. Together with Nagisa, you go through her adventures of making friends, fitting in, and figuring out her feelings.

This isn’t a spoiler. This happens in the first episode.

There’s quite a bit of nakedness too although it is nowhere near hentai enough for that. Its actually well placed. Although one scene I find questionable….

Now, onto an in depth review.

Overall Rating: 10/10 (more details as to why below, but contains spoilers)

Yuri Rating: 10/10



Ok i admit it, I was a little annoyed with Nagisa at first. She was just so dumb and innocent. Her high squeaky voice really made me cringe.

But as the shows went on I grew to like her. You watch her literally grow into a mature woman. I love her and Shizuma together.

Shizuma herself is quite a complicated character. Burdened by her past, at one point you see her sulking from pushing Nagisa away. Then she realizes it’s not her past that’s bugging her but the absence of Nagisa ❤

The side stories are also entertaining. The spica girls offer a mirror story to that of Nagisa and Shizuma’s, with Yaya’s unrequited love towards Hikari and Amane. Which is the same thing as Nagisa and Shizuma. The point of that is most likely to highlight the differences between Nagisa’s relationship and Hikari’s relationship. Where Nagisa and Shizuma are both somewhat unsure of their feelings, while Hikari’s is reciprocated and Amane takes the relationship more seriously, as she is sure of her feelings. and Nagisa Pic

(left) Hikari and Amane, (right) Shizuma and scared Nagisa

The Lulim girls are pretty much there for comic relief. The story line gets quite dramatic and emotionally heavy later on, it adds as a good break from it all. Although Lulim seems quite childish, I must say Chikaru’s open mindedness and relaxed point of view is something I find quite attractive…


Bonus: She’s up for grabs

I don’t really want to spoil too much now, but I can tell Shizuma definitely has a type. I mean look at Kaori vs Nagisa. They’re pretty much/almost the same…

The storyline usually goes about in a circle what with Nagisa still undecided if whether or not she has feelings for Shizuma. And when they are confirmed, shit happens.

No seriously, shit always happens that makes them question it. Whether it was Tamao, Kaori, flashbacks, and so on. Shit always happens.

That pissed me off too.

See with Amane and Hikari, if they were met with an obstacle, Amane would usually be the princely one and save her ass. You don’t doubt their feelings for each other one bit. That’s kind of what I wanted with Shizuma and Nagisa.

Although I suppose I can’t complain since…it’s an all girls school. There’s no supernatural activities or outer-space aliens that would trouble them. It adds to character depth and plot though.

All in all, this anime was pure love! Not too much fluff, but not tooooo much turmoil. Definitely worth the watch! I probably rewatched this about 5 times now…

All in all, I loved it. Nothing bad about it.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Yuri Rating: 10/10


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