Bodacious Space Pirates (2012)

AKA Mōretsu Space Pirates/ Moretsu Pirates

While looking for new Shoujo-ai/yuri anime, I stumbled across this little gem on Crunchyroll.

Originally a light novel, it has been adapted into an anime, and a movie is currently in production.

Upon first glance, this seemed to be no yuri at all. I mean look at the plot summary.

It takes place is in the future, where space pirates exist. In an all girls’ high school on Earth (supposedly) is Kato Marika, direct descendant of the famous space pirate, Gonzaemon, Captain of the Bentenmaru. Kato Marika is told that her father, who she has never met, has passed and the only way to keep the Bentenmaru alive is if she takes over as captain.

I know what you’re thinking “this sounds stupid.” Yes, the name is retarded (well the english one at least…) and ok, it sounds more like a slice of life plot than a Shoujo-ai. What convinced me to actually watch it though was that I read it was recommended by ANN. And you know what they say about ANN….


So, I started watching it. It is only 26 episodes long, (at least for now…) and you can watch it on Crunchyroll here .

Don’t worry, there are no possible male pairings in this one. The only one that’s good looking enough is thankfully, married.

 I’m Kane McDougal. Btw I’m married so don’t fret your little hearts out.

In terms of Yuri content itself, there is not much. Most of it is subtext and implication, EXCEPT for one pairing which had no development (hints here and there) up to a point where it becomes officially canon (YAY). It won’t be hard for you to guess which one either….

Me? A Lesbian? How dare you! I clearly do not look like a typical butch lesbian…

Looks like we’ll have to head off to fan fiction for this one folks…

Although also lacking in action (as in nobody ever dies or gets hurt) that doesn’t mean there was no action, there indeed was. But they’re not intense fights that leave you gripping to the edge of your seat, wondering if they’ll survive.

BUT the story line overall is light-hearted, funny and awesome.

This scene was particularly hilarious

It was well worth the 26 episodes and I quite enjoyed it, even with the lack of Shoujo-ai content.

Overall Rating: 7/10 (more detail as to why below, but contains spoilers)

Yuri Rating: 5/10


I just want to point out the girls on the very far right, I have never seen before….

Alright,  the beginning was very light-hearted. Ririka, single mom, father dies and suddenly Marika inherits this kick ass space pirate ship. To be honest, I didn’t find Chiaki-chan to be that cute, but whatever her tsundere personality makes her quite lovable nonetheless. She is no doubt a perfect fit for Marika.

One thing I didn’t get though…through out the series….


Oh what? This black uniform? Yes its from my old school. But I’ve worn it through out the entire series. No biggie.

All times she’s told “you might as well just stay”, “Why won’t you stay?” YEAH. WHY NOT STAY? WHY YOU GOTTA BE ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Now, now. I’m sure you’re all thinking, “Why is Yukari-chan going batshit crazy over a uniform and inconsistency?” Because for a short period of time while Chiaki was gone, YOU CONSIDERED SHIPPING MARIKA WITH A CHILD.

“What’s the problem?” you ask, “that girl is quite beautiful” you say, “and she’s a princess” you implore, yet I shall tell you why.

Princess Sailor Moon— I mean Gruier of Serenity System.

SHE’S FUCKING 12!!!!!!!!!!

That’s just wrong k? Marika’s 16, THATS A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN TEENAGE YEARS. Perhaps in 10 more years it won’t matter, but hopefully Marika and Chiaki will be together by then….

Now there’s mostly heavy sibling implication in this one, what with her younger sister, being more butch and coming across as having a certain attachment to Gruier…..

But you know what? Its ok in the end because once Chiaki comes back, THIS GIRL IS GON.

Legit, it was rare to find both on screen together except for a couple instances, especially near the end.

As for the canon couple Lynn and Yacht club (more like small space ship simulator club) president Jenny Dolittle, they are the side characters and although there is subtext between the two, there is no real development leading up to it. It was quite the surprise, but I welcomed it. I mean, it really wasn’t hard to guess…. I kind of squeeled a bit too….

I honestly thought this anime was going to keep it strictly subtext through out the whole thing, but again although the rest IS in fact heavy subtext, I welcomed this canon pair.

OK and I admit it. Jenny is pretty hot. She’s rich, smart, hot, and well…what more can i ask for…..damn you Lynn………….

As for the ending, I was quite pleased. Although there is so much still left to be answered, ESPECIALLY the last episode where…I won’t spoil it completely but man it revealed soooo much.  It really makes you beg for a second season.

Like I said, a Bodacious Space Pirates movie is set to be released in Winter 2014 and I honestly cannot wait! It is supposed to be a continuation of Season 1, so “do i have to watch the anime to understand the movie? ” My best bet is YES.

Final Thoughts

Although lacking in Yuri content, containing mostly subtext, I enjoyed it. I do recommend you watch the anime before watching the movie as well.

Normally, rating it as a whole, based on storyline and plot alone I’d rate it quite high. Since this is a Yuri/Shoujo-ai focused blog, I do have to dock major points for a lack of it thereof. It does have some strong potential Shoujo-ai hints, Lynn and Jenny cannot alone carry the canon rating of this. My rule is, if I have to go to fanfiction to get my Shoujo-ai/yuri fill, than the anime certainly didn’t have enough.


Overall Rating: 7/10

Yuri Rating: 5/10

Good Anime generally speaking, however has an extreme lack of Yuri/Shoujo-ai content (unless you like subtext.)

3 thoughts on “Bodacious Space Pirates (2012)

  1. SHE’S FUCKING 12!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s just wrong k? Marika’s 16, THATS A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN TEENAGE YEARS. Perhaps in 10 more years it won’t matter, but hopefully Marika and Chiaki will be together by then….

    Nah don’t worry after i read this review, i gone “OH MY are they really that far a part (there gone my one of my ship (even if i still like Marika for Chiaki, she just so cute, but still…….), so i re-watch the anime series and Gruer was 13 when Marika is first year in high school(15), and middle school senior when marika was second year in high school, so yeah they are only two years a part, yay…still theres a chance ehe:D

  2. This show had everything I like about anime in it so I defined it as “My Perfect Anime”. Captain Marika is awesome and screw everyone who calls her a Mary Sue. Chiaki’s Chiaki, Gruier will hook up with Marika if chiaki continues denying her true feelings, Jenny and Lynn kicked serious ass,

    You must be wondering why I’m commenting on all your reviews when our views on anime are as different as a shark and a blow fish. The reason is simple. You watch yuri.

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