Aoi Hana (2009)

This review will go over the Anime “Aoi Hana” or known in English as “Sweet Blue Flowers.”

This anime is actually available to watch in English sub on Youtube. However this is only for episodes 1 & 2 =(. I’m sure you can find the other episodes floating around the internet.  It’s only 11 episodes anyways xD

It was originally a manga, but was adapted to an anime.

The main characters for this series  are two girls who have both started high school, but at two completely separate schools. (Both schools are all girls schools….HEHEHEHEHEHE). Akira Okudaira and Fumi Manjome (black haired with glasses) who were previously childhood friends, and have no been reunited. Together, we go through their trials and tribulations of an all girls high school.

For those who’ve watched a slew of Anime before, you’ll notice that the girl looks oddly familiar….which you’re right. She looks almost exactly like the girl from Sasemeki Koto.

Left to Right: Akira (Acchan), Kyouko, Sugimoto, and Fumi

Now when you first watch, you’ll probably mistake Fumi, the black-haired soft spoken, tall, girl to have a crush on Chizu as she begs Chizu not to leave. Although it looks reciprocated, Just so  you know, Chizu is Fumi’s Older FIRST cousin…. We also find out in the first episode that Chizu is actually engaged to be married! O= WELP. THERE GOES FUMICHI. Fumi looks just as shocked as we do actually…if you looked shocked…which you probably don’t…. But she end sup getting hit on by a girl named “Sugimoto” who is the most popular girl in school (black haired, manly).

Akira on the other hand seems to be hit on by a smooth, pretty-looking, girl with short blonde hair. I find her relationship with her brother to be quite hilarious as it seems to be love/hate (mostly hate) relationship.

If you’re wondering where the Anime and Manga line up, the Anime is almost identical to the manga. The manga however, has little changes (as well as the Anime), but has more insight into the characters feelings and thoughts. So if you were wondering how Fumi or Akira felt about something, came to a conclusion, or reacted the way they did to something, check out the manga.

Volume 3 Chapter 17 “The Happy Prince Part II” marks the beginning of episode 11. However half of chapter 18 is excluded in the Anime (since it’s reached the end pretty much….) I DO RECOMMEND YOU READ THAT THOUGH. OK I’VE ALREADY SAID TOO MUCH. HERE’S MY RATING.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Yuri Rating: 8/10

I do not recommend watching the anime. Because it’s so close to the manga, go with the manga instead. It is much better, longer, and much more in depth.

Also, for the last Chapter 52, its supposed to be 42 pages. Make sure you find the full length one or it’ll get confusing, fast.

Anyways I have more ranty/spoiler things to say below.


Alright so watching this anime, it was not as good as I expected. It was incredibly disappointing.

Basically, the whole thing was about Fumi and her relationship with Sugimoto. I was never really fond of Sugimoto (because she’s a playboy, coupled with the fact that the opening was TOTALLY MISLEADING ABOUT THIS). Actually, I practically cheered when Sugimoto broke up with Fumi, and then celebrated when Fumi totally turned her flat down again.

Not to mention, her realizing that A-chan was her first love at the end was soooo sweet. I did get confused by the flower, but I THINK it symbolizes A-chan’s love for Fumi (how she’s never forgotten about Fumi). The manga makes this a bit more clear, but again, on Anime only. I was disappointed. The point of this anime, seemed to just portray a Teen’s love life and the trials one would go through.

Or maybe it was about how everyone loves someone else, but nobody get’s requited love (except for one lucky Sugimoto sister…) >.>

Maybe it was because the Anime got cut short? I wished it went on longer. There were so many stories in the Anime that were neglected to be told. For example, side stories about the Sugimoto Sister’s love life, their admirers, and their teenage years. I really wish were added to the Anime.

And honestly, we never actually see Fumi and Akira get together. Despite the heavy hinting in both the opening and ending, we never see them be “together” or even confess their love. It’s left as a simply platonic friendship, with Akira being forever alone and with Fumi still somewhat depressed over Sugimoto.

At the end, we’re only left with the glimmering hope that they might end up together when Fumi realizes that Acchan was her first love (by the way, in the manga she realizes this waaayyyy before).

There’s really nothing else to say. It wasn’t that funny or entertaining. It was a giant circle of unrequited love, and I hated that. Anyways it never really felt like Sugimoto and Fumi were ever in love, or had feelings for each other.

This was although close to the manga, still different. The manga had much more depth into their thoughts, the dates, conversations, into their feelings. Much better than the anime.

So, because the quality of the anime was terrible and short lived, I had to give it a low rating.

However, because the content of the story was almost entirely Yuri (except for ONE pairing that never actually get together…in the anime) I will give them a high Yuri score. Be warned there’s only ever one kiss, and one very short reference to a 3 second “sex” scene (which really you just see Fumi’s bare shoulder).

and so,

Overall Rating: 2/10

Yuri Rating: 8/10

Do not recommend. Read the manga instead. I suppose a manga review of Aoi Hana is now called for…

One thought on “Aoi Hana (2009)

  1. I’ve already watched this anime but haven’t read the manga yet. It’s not in time for your warning haha. But I think without compare with the manga, I like it. Especially the opening song, totally good.
    Yeah, you are right, Fumi and A-chan are not often together. If the main actresses are Fumi and A-chan, I don’t feel much Yuri from A-chan.
    Fumi-chan and Sumika from Sasemeki koto may be their character is similar but their nature are different.

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