Simoun (2006)

One of the more “well known” Yuri anime’s.


The story takes place in another universe where a war is ongoing. The countries are fighting for the right to control these special type of machines, called “Simoun”. Simoun are considered to be sacred artifacts from the past, and is the country only source to “fly”. Nobody really knows how they work.

Since Simoun are considered to be sacred, they are called the “Chariots of God” and the people flying these, who must fly in pairs, are called “Sibyllae”, or the “priestess” of these chariots. Simoun, religiously, are used to offer prayers to the Tempus Spatium their god, but since it is the countries only way to fly, they are also used to be war machines. Their “prayers to the sky” called “Ri Maajon” are used for combat.

In this world, everyone is born a woman (HOORAH. That sounds like MY kind of world!) But because the world needs to reproduce, at the age of 17 these “girls” must go to a special, religious spring and choose to be either a male or female, permanently. If you do not know, the Tempus Spatium will choose for you. The only exception to this rule are the Sibyllae. In order to fly the Simoun, they must not have gone to the spring. So, in times of war, the Sibyllae are given permission to remain as they are.


In terms of Yuri content, I’d give it a “meh”. I’m not particularly fond of the main pair, simply because it doesn’t seem like they’re “in love” at all. And honestly, I’m not sure if I really should consider this a Yuri anime since most of the pairings, either one or both usually wish to become a male (or have already changed to be male, but you don’t see it.)

The story on the other hand, is one I find quite interesting and complex. I don’t think 26 episodes give it enough justice.

Although this blog is technically a review blog, here is where I’ll try to make sense of all the symbolism, and whatever the heck everything meant.

For the Yuri rating, I’m quite conflicted as to what I SHOULD rate it because of the whole “gender bender” thing. But, since most of the pairings are before they head to the spring, I’ll give it points….but the gender bender shit pisses me off so I docked a couple =3=

For the overall rating, the beginning was honestly tiring, tedious, and boring to watch. It was really very character driven. It all is actually. The story line doesn’t really pick up until around Episode 13, where things become exciting. Soon you become invested in this series, and you CARE about these characters (unlike OTHER character driven animes -cough cough MARIASAMAGAMITERU cough cough-) So for the boring beginning I docked major points.

Yuri rating: 7/10

Overall rating: 7/10


Honestly, I hated the main character, Aeru. She was just so rude, dense, thick-headed, and extremely insensitive.


When Neveril confessed I was literally screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” and when Aeru said right after it “I don’t get it” I….I….NO…I CAN’T EVEN…..WTFFF

And what about Paraietta. I mean cmon, the girl had a one-sided love with Neveril for HER WHOLE LIFE.

Hm? Oh I’ve just been yearning for you for more than 17 years of our lives. nbd.


Why did they not DO anything for her?! WHYYY. I don’t usually like the butch type, but cmon man, 17 years of unrequited love? DUDE. THROW THE GIRL A BONE. PLEASE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

I was ok with Amuria and Neveril I mean, they were cute together.

YOU SHIP IT TOO. Cmon that is some awesome colour coordination right there.


Seriously?! The fact that Aeru had to get it explained to her that she was in love with Neveril, BY Neveril?! That’s like telling someone the reason they’re sick is because they don’t believe in god, and then having them BELIEVE that automatically. (No offence to religion here, just wanted an example where someone just believe ANYTHING).

REALLY. Like RIGHT AFTER being told it’s love, she immediately says “I love you” to Neveril. NO YOU DON’T. WTF. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO FIGURE THAT OUT ON YOUR OWN, NOT HAVE SOMEONE TELL YOU THIS. And Neveril obviously accepts this and confesses back. What is Aeru under?! the Imperius curse or something?!?!?!

And ok, although I don’t really ship the straight pairings thing, Wapourif and Morinas were cute together. But god I wish Wapourif stayed a girl. She is so hot.

(left) Morinas (right) Wapourif

So ok, I shipped her and Morinas. They were cut together ok. Morinas was cute :3 And OK FINE I ADMIT IT. I did pretend Wapourif was a woman the whole time….

My only complaint about the art was that it was a little bit odd at certain angles. It just didn’t look as pretty, or as the same face even….but I digress.

Although at the beginning I felt like Mamiina was a major bitch, she eventually grew on me until I liked her. Slowly as Mamiina began to change, my impression of her began to change as well. So much that when she died, I literally cried my eyes out. When the Simoun payed tribute to Mamiina by drawing her favourite Ri Maajons in the sky, I was so touched I couldn’t help but cry. Really. My heart is touched.

RIP Mamiina….and Mamiina x Rodoraemon pairing T_T

As for Kaimu and Alti, although I liked Alti, I hated Kaimu. And Sister x Sister is just wrong OK. I don’t dig incest at all. >.>

Also I didn’t like the heavy Limone and Dominura pairing. SHE’S A CHILD. I mean later on when Limone grew up it was OK, but the rest of the time it looked more like MotherxDaughter T_T ASDHSDKASHDKSADHKASHKASJSD


Does this not just SCREAM “PEDOPHILE! INAPPROPRIATE” to you?!

Now the next couple parts, I will attempt to explain all the “?” I’m sure both you and I had. Some I can’t explain, so I’ll just point out why I’m confused by this little part, but the rest I think I can figure out. Remember, most of these are in fact theories and interpretations and should by no means be used as facts.

Before I want to explain this story line, I want to bring up the theory of alternate universe up. Basically, relative to time and space, whenever we are faced with making a decision, an alternate universe is created. One where we make decision A, and one where me make decision B. The details are complicated, but keep this theory in mind as the Simoun are used to manipulate both time and space.


Emerald Rimaajon

Ok this ones easy. Basically, the Emerald Rimaajon is a gate the Simoun can use to open into a new world. Whether it’s the same world or not is arguable, I don’t believe it is, but it opens to another world. That is why instead of dying, Dominura, Limon, even Amuria dissapear with out leaving a trace. It also explains why the top part of the cockpit of the Simoun was twisted (the shape of the portal that appeared above was shaped much like a twister)

Now there’s the question of why the Emerald Rimaajon didn’t work for Neviril and Amuria, but worked for Dominura and Limone. I remember in one episode, they hinted that it was because they were not united in their feelings. For example, Neviril was hesitant to do the Emerald Rimaajon. Neither did she know what would happen after she did, thus Amuria went ahead, but Neviril survived. As for Limone and Dominura, they both knew they wouldn’t come back. If you remember, they were contentedly in their Simoun, waiting, which is why it was successful for them.

Disappearance of Amuria, Limone, Dominura, and reappearance of plumbish priest

You’re probably wondering “Ok, so where DID they go then, and why did the plumbish priest reappear?” Well, we can safely conclude that Limone and Dominura had travelled to the past, but into a parallel universe. This can be explained because of the very different looking Simoun. It could be argued that it was the same world, but just the past, but then why are the “ancient” simoun faster and better than the “current” ones? It’s pretty clear though that Dominura and Limone were those to “angels’ that fell from the sky and taught the people about Simoun.


This little time/space manipulation also enforces the peoples belief in religion. The people praise that because of the Simoun, the crops have been growing again and people are no longer starving. This then helps the people to start believe in religion, or the “Tempus Spatium”, thus through time, allowing people to believe that Simoun Sibyllae were religious, and that the Simoun were “chariots of the gods”.

As for the plumbish priest, I think because Limone was forcing everyone to use the Emerald Rimaajon, that somehow in that universe, the plumbish priests in THAT universe learned it too, and when they attempted it, they all came to our universe where the plumbum was still at war. So even though she died on our time line, in another world she had not.

Remember when they said that the priestesses of plumbum were legit priestesses, not warriors? Well Perhaps in the alternate universe it was the reverse. Maybe, the group that Limone and Dominura were teaching in was actually the Plumbum highlands, not the “holy land” that the story originally takes place in.

Also I’d like to point out that both the Plumbum highlands have the same god “Tempus Spatium”, but they choose to celebrate it differently, and have a different name for it.

Chor Dextra

Chor Dextra contained two surviving members, Dominura and Aeru’s grandfather. Then when Aeru’s grandfather died, Dominura was the last remaining member. BUT WAIT. Didn’t Onashia say she was originally one of the members of Chor Dextra? Which brings me to my next theory.

Onashia and Dominura


If anyone’s wondering why Yun said Dominura’s name when she touched Onashia, it’s one theory that Onashia IS Dominura, but at a different time/space. (LOL though that means that Yun fell in love with Dominura xD)

Remember those parallel universes I was talking about? BUT WAIT. How can Dominura AND Onashia exist at the same time, yet not realize that they’re each other.

Well if we remember Onashia’s explanation, the spring and the runes were the same because of the many failed Emerald Ri Maajons performed at the runes, causing an unstable lapse in time/space in that area. So, with that being said, it can be concluded that perhaps the spring area itself is an unstable time/space area, which may also explain why people are able to change their genders. Perhaps by bringing things from another space/time (like a male part or gene, hormone or something…..)

My theory is this: After the disbandment of Chor Dextra, Dominura had a choice to either remain sibyllae and go to the spring. What then happened was one Dominura in this universe chose to remain sibyllae (and was then appointed a high position), while in another Dominura went to the spring, and then could not decide right there. Instead she chose to remain gender less, and became Onashia in THAT world. How she became Onashia in THIS world, remember I theorized that the spring is very unstable, and that Onashia usually remains there as in, she sometimes travels or appears in other parallel dimensions. She is “everywhere but nowhere at once”.


 I believe Dominura is to be hundreds of years old, but because of her Time/space travels, this allows her to keep her young form. As for how old, well according to her end space travels, how everything started because of “her”, it can be concluded that Dominura is one of those priestesses that showed the people how to use the Simoun, and “fell from the sky”, and Limone was the other. As for why she doesn’t remember, it is beyond me. Maybe after the last failed Emerald rimaajon, (she was the one who revealed the secret of the Emerald Rimaajon, which formed Chor Dextra) she fell unconscious and lost some of her memories?

Or the Dominura in the past, travelled somewhere and a different Dominura from another existence came by and took over. (crap, now I’m getting confused lol)

This may explain why when she looked into the helix, she saw a bunch of memories. Although we’ll never know what she saw exactly, perhaps she realized these were her OWN memories, but from the past. The helix probably did shatter her faith, because she realized there is no god, and that everything is just a giant circle. I mean look what happened, she performed emerald ri maajon, but instead of “serving” Tempus Spatium, she ends up going to another universe and being those “angels”. This probably shattered her belief in Tempus Spatium, her religion since the helix probably revealed it didn’t exist.

It’s interesting to note that “Tempus Spatium” is latin for “Space Time.”

Onashia and Dominura’s body

They dissolve into little specks of stardust. Remember when Yun touched Onashia and she disappeared? The question is why? Well Onashia said there were consequences to not choosing a sex. So even though Dominura and Onashia never aged, perhaps they instead dissipate into little particles (?) because of traveling through space and time, their bodies can’t really stay very solid after (?). This may explain why Onashia almost instantly dissolves because she’s stuck in the area with the most space/time change.

Why Neviril never looked at Paraietta as a lover


As told in the ending, Neviril was attracted to both Amuria and Aeru’s unwavering pursuit of their dreams AKA emerald rimaajon and were not afraid of getting hurt, so well said by Paraietta.

That being said, that is why Neviril never looked at Paraietta. I have no doubt in my mind that Neviril was fully aware of Paraietta’s feelings since the beginning. However, Paraietta never tried to pursue Neviril actively, or confess. She wanted to protect Neviril from afar because she was afraid of getting hurt by Neviril. And eventually, Paraietta gives up on Neviril over to Aeru, because she believed Aeru would be better for Neviril, and so again proving that she was afraid to get hurt.

That is probably why Neviril never looked at Paraietta, and why Paraietta, who realized this, gave up on Neviril and became a woman in the end.

“Eternal Priestesses”

Remember from the first episode? The legend is that those that complete the Emerald Rimaajon would be able to serve beside Tempus Spatium. Refer back to what Dominura saw that shattered her religion.

So that’s what everyone thinks the Emerald Rimaajon does at the beginning, but really it’s a gate to another world. So why was it so important that Aeru and Neviril not go to the spring?

Well, the last episode, everyone chose their fates remember? Everyone (except Aeru and Neviril) went to the spring to become either a man or a woman. What I’ve noticed so far is that going to the spring and choosing a gender, basically marks the end of ones’ childhood, and is the sign of one becoming an adult. Everyone chooses their paths to become adults. But Aeru and Neviril don’t want to become adults. They want to stay as they are, meaning, they don’t want to grow up.

So they decide their path is to stay forever young, or become an Eternal Priestess, much like Dominura and Limone have become.

“Land of Hope”

land of hope

When Dominura looks inside the helix, and she’s explaining what she saw to Limone, she says “but I saw something at the end of the Emerald Rimaajon, the other side. Hope.” (or something similar to this). We initially think she means the virtue Hope. But as we go more into the series, we realize that she actually meant it literally. That she saw the “Land of Hope”.

What is the “Land of Hope” exactly though, and why is her eminence so desperate for Aeru and Neviril to go there? Why are the plumbum executives so adamant about how every single Chor Tempest (the last remaining Chor) must NOT be able to fly Simoun? We can assume that the Plumbum dudes just don’t want Chor Tempest to go to the Land of Hope, but why?

This one was confusing. I think because her eminence hopes to open the “Land of Hope” in order to change the country’s destiny. The treaty essentially becomes a disarmament of the Holy land, and a merging of religions (which her eminence does not like). Because the “Land of Hope” could most likely be the past, she basically wants Aeru and Neviril to go to the land of hope, and change the land’s future. Away from the war, and perhaps even dominate the entire country under the Tempus Spatium.

That’s just my theory on it though.


A lot of people are confused about the ending where Aeru and Neviril are dancing on the ship together, even though the ship is destroyed. First, I don’t believe that is a real plot element, I think that is a metaphor for them staying forever young in their years as Simoun Sibyllae.

We can also assume that Dominura and Limone are to time/space travel again as they head off into the distance.

More unanswered questions


If Onashia is Dominura, what happened to Limone? And if Yun fell in love with Onashia, does that mean that Yun loved Dominura?

What came first? The chicken or the egg? If Dominura was the beginning of how people used Simoune, and they pretty much praised her for being god, then how did Dominura come into existence? What about present day Dominura? It’s all so very confusing…How come she didn’t remember it before hand?

Where did the Simoun come from then? If Dominura and Limone were the angels that taught people how to use it, then where did these things come from in the first place? There’s a theory that the Simoun were relics from a past civilization who was more advanced, but slowly started to die.

And why does Aeru eye colour change when they moved the Argent dudes’ body? That was never explained. I feel as though they were trying to hint something but never really got around to it.


The Message


If you read this far, CONGRATS! This is my longest blog post yet. So finally, let’s get down to it. What was the point of it all? What was the whole fucking point of this journey? What was this anime trying to say?

Well the anime itself poses a lot of questions, such as mixing military and religion (remember Neviril, “In spite of all that, am I still a Simoun Sibyllae?”) and things like gender roles, but I think at the end it was all about growing up. About making decisions and facing consequences. Both are apart of becoming an adult. Children don’t have to decide mos things, their parents can.  Children are mostly kept innocent, sometimes the consequences aren’t as large.

So the first thing they have to do at 17 is go to the spring and make a decision, and face the consequences of that decision (enter: Erif). Growing up, maturing, going through the things in life etc.

Honestly, I’m not very good with these “deep” kind of animes, but this one became quite complex and deep I just had to try and explain some of it!

Final Thoughts


Because I was so invested in these characters, I felt so uneasy and uncomfortable towards the end. Especially when the majority of the girls decide to enter the spring. This was most certainly not the happy ending I had originally hoped for, and that made me sad that I wouldn’t get it. I felt especially uneasy when due to the treaty, they wanted Aeru and Neveril to quickly go to the spring.

But holy shit ERIF. Erii turned into ERIF and we see them all later is shocking! Look at Paraietta…much prettier. and HOW ADORABLE!! RODORAEMON TIED HER HAIR UP EXACTLY LIKE MAMIINA’S ;_______;

This was a good anime. Although possibly lacking in Yuri content (do i still categorize this as Yuri?….) It was a very deep anime, very meaningful, and quite poetic. Although slow at the beginning, it was well worth the watch. Especially since you just really start to feel for these characters. Would highly recommend, even if you’re not into Yuri.

Yuri Rating: 7/10

Overall Rating: 7/10

3 thoughts on “Simoun (2006)

  1. Nice review, I watched this anime like 5 years ago, I dont remember all but I agree in almost everything. I disliked the main couple too haha but around the last episodes I started to liked it in some way. I also disliked the gender bender shit lol but anyway at least somo couples stayed girls, right? I actually really liked Aeru but Neveril not so much, dont kill me lol! I shipped Aeru with everyone else but Neveril at the beginning lolol. My fav character was Mamiina /creys

    Anyway I really like your blog, I read all the reviews and I had fun, so you can expect another comment from me in your next review. Oh and sorry for my bad english, is not my first language haha.

    • Haha no worries! Weird it was totally opposite for me! I hated Aeru but loved Neveril (must be our taste in women xD)

      At least we both had a moment with Mamiina ;_______;

      Thank you so much! I’d like to hope my blog is fun. I kind of write it out the same way I would if I was talking to my friends about this xD

  2. I’m on the “Neviril was lame for the majority of the show” bandwagon. Aeru was who she was.
    Could care less that Waporif already chose her gender. She and Morinas are the best and sexiest couple on the show, period.
    Dominura and Limone are my second favorite.
    Mamiina will forever be in my heart. Rodoraemon lost a great woman that day.
    Not much to say about the others because it’s been years since I saw this one but it’s still a most interesting show and one I hold in high regard.

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