Shin Sekai Yori (2012-2013)

Also known as “From the New World”

Originally a novel, it has been adapted into an Anime AND manga. However, this review will be based on the anime.

The story revolves around 5 friends, 3 boys and two girls which takes place 1000 years from now, where humans now have the capability to possess psychic (more like telekinetic)  powers, after war broke out and humanity was close to being destroyed by PK users (telekinetic people). The story mainly revolves around Saki.

We start out with Saki being in the middle of what looks like an earthquake. It turns out though, it’s just the effects of her Psychic powers coming in! Her parents then burst in, proud and relieved that she can now graduate elementary school.

“What do you mean coming in? and what?…elementary school? How old is this girl?” Although humans are technically born with psychic powers, they don’t actually work until at a certain age. One is not allowed to graduate from elementary school until their powers come in.

We then go through these 5 childhood friends adventures, trials, life, (more like Saki’s life) and figuring out the mystery of what this “new world” is.

From left to right:

From left to right: Shun, Satoru, Saki, Mamoru, Maria

To be quite honest, this was one of the best anime’s I have ever seen. Ever.

Although slightly lacking in Yuri content (which is also not permanent =/), this was a really good Anime. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. Not just shoujo-ai/yuri readers.

The story line is dark, dramatic, mysterious, but compelling. It takes you into another society, yet the Anime itself is somehow a metaphor for our own society (or so I am told). This isn’t really one of those stories with gaping plot holes, or with an overly metaphoric and symbolic anime where the “deep” message goes over your head (unlike -cough SIMOUN cough-). It actually makes sense.

They don’t spell out everything for you, but the subtle hints and subtle things characters do or say, hints to an answer you feared they were hinting to. If you pay attention to everything (or even watch it over again) you can actually put the pieces together yourself, with out having the anime try and spell everything out for you.

But for those that couldn’t or were confused at some point, just like i did with Simoun, I do a bit of an analysis below.

It is compelling, dark, tragic, mysterious, yet incredible.

As for Yuri content, although it’s not actually a main element (nor is it a consistent one), the yaoi/yuri couples is more saying something about this new worlds’ society, rather than as a main romantic element.

So, despite the amazing story, this is a blog focused on shoujo/ai yuri.

The amount of Yuri/Yaoi is great, but unfortunately it doesn’t really last long. In general, relationships don’t really appear often (although hints of love is,) I do have to dock points for that.

Yuri Rating: 6/10

Overall Rating: 10/10

But, this is an anime I HIGHLY recommend, not just for yuri watchers, but for EVERYONE. It’s just THAT good.



Admittedly, despite the amazing story line, I do have a bone to pick with the bisexuality aspect of it. I THOUGHT THIS WAS YURI T_T I’m saddened by the fact that it doesn’t stay Yuri/Yaoi though. It seems the homosexual aspect is a “normal” societal phase, rather than a natural occurrence.

But…I mean I can’t really complain I mean..did you see dem Yuri scenes? *___*


and one of my favourite ones…



and here’s proof that Saki and Maria were together till (almost) the very end!


And her letter to Saki was heartbreaking T_T the saddest part was the closing scene in later episodes when Saki is reminiscing over Maria (<3) and Maria “says” “well, we’re both girls so we can’t have children anyways” T_T. But I loved those scenes ❤

What actually happened to Maria and Mamoru

Alright let’s get down the nitty gritty. Judging from the Math, I believe Maria and Mamoru to have actually died when their child was born, probably around the age of…. I don’t want to say 18  but it looks 18-21 to me….The child looked to be around 6-8 and since Saki is 25…..

Reason being, it was quite ominous when at the committee, the head of the ethics committee said “there’s no need for a DNA test because the bones matched the age and gender AS WELL as their teeth matched the ones on their DENTAL records” found by Squealer.

Isn’t that peculiar? Remember back on that scene where he told Saki that he could take the bones of another rat and then shave it down to the correct sizes? That might have been what Squealer actually did UNTIL the woman said their TEETH records matched. How could Squealer have known what their teeth were even shaped and places like?

The answer is simple: He killed Maria and Mamoru. Then gave the bones to the town.

He killed them so he could take their child and raise it as his own weapon.


The bisexuality aspect


Remember that the digital unicorn library said that the society at a young age was taught to love in times of stress (instead of war). But if you remember, it was perfectly normal for everyone at the age of puberty to start being in same sex relationships.

But it’s weird because they call each other “lovers.” Not girlfriend, or boyfriend, but “lovers” even if the love is reciprocated. But it goes even deeper than that.

But why same sex? Why not hetero? That’s an easy one to answer.

What are adults essentially afraid of in this series? Children.

That’s why they get rid of the kids that are abnormal, or are unskilled. They’re afraid of them losing control and becoming trolls, or killers. But wait, if they let Hetero relationships exist during/after the puberty stage, there’s most likely a higher amount of teenage pregnancy’s and a higher amount of CHILDREN.

So they’ve been conditioned to only participate in same-sex relationships, at least until older.

In this society, one can participate in same sex relationships, but will eventually marry a heterosexual partner. And they know this. Even Maria knows this. When Ryu (replacement of Shun) was supposed ask Saki out, Maria just simply teased him and said to Saki at one point “isn’t Ryu the male you like best?”

The point


Alright so what was this anime trying to say? Honestly it’s tough. I’ve been thinking about it for a while (even as so far as to re-watch it) and I don’t think there is one. I don’t think it was meant to have one. There is no real, righteous moral story to this anime.

The point of it, seems to be to question ourselves, and our morals. If we were in this society, what would WE do? If PK (short hand for the telekinesis powers) users did exist and lost control, what would we do? How would you govern this society where everyone is powerful? Would you have saved Mamoru and Maria’s child, would you have killed those Monster rats as Satoru did? If you were “god” would you help the side you believed to be suffering? How much control is TOO much control?

What would you do? What is something you consider to be the “right” thing to do in this case?

I think that’s the point though. To question your morals and your values.

There is no “right” way to do something. Everything just kind of depends on you and your own values.

Overall, it was a fantastic series. It’s new so HURRAH, and even though the Yuri/Yaoi elements were not permanent, it was enjoyable nonetheless.

So again,

Yuri Rating: 6/10

Overall Rating: 10/10

Again, highly recommend EVERYONE watch this anime.

2 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori (2012-2013)

  1. Just like you, I loved this anime and I think it is way too underrated, but that’s no surprise since many people stopped watching right after episode 8, well you know why.
    As for the yuri in this anime, I can’t really complain about it. Saki and Maria are a gorgeous couple and even though Saki was in love with Shun, her deep feelings for Maria really came through to the viewers.
    So even when they were told that both Maria and Mamoru are dead, Saki still never forgot about her and kept believing that she will eventually see her again.
    I hoped so too, but in the end… ah well it was great nonetheless.

    By the way, did you read the manga version of this? It’s certainly (very) different, but it was fun to read and showed a little different side of Saki and Maria’s relationship. And with that I mean that you’ll see some borderline hentai material in one specific chapter.
    I won’t deny that I liked it quite a lot 😛

    • Pwahahahaha SakixMaria FOREVERRR

      I read most of the manga version but didn’t really enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the anime… But I do like that other side of Maria we saw in the manga. especially the part where she actually hated Mamoru for most of the beginning (EHEHEHEHEHEE) and how confused she was to actually love Saki but finds out that homosexuality isn’t considered “normal” back in the day =/.

      And ohhh yeah dat hentai part >). Not sure if I wanted it in the anime or not…conflicted feelings…but I guess it gives a bit more detailed reason as to why their society was the way it was…

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