Shattered Angels (2007)

Also known as “Kyōshirō to Towa no Sora” or “Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky”

From the makers of….you guessed it! Kannazuki no miko! Comes: Shattered Angels.

Kannazuki No Miko watchers can easily recognizes Chikane, or in this world, “Kaon”

And yes! Himeko is involved as well, or in this world, Himeko! However, this is under a different life. And they are not yet together.

It revolves around these fighters, called “Absolute Angels” who can summon mechas (usually things that look more like gundams) and can fight each other. Uniting all the angels together can create the ULTIMATE GUNDAM— I mean Angel.

Shiratori Kuu

Shiratori Kuu, the main girl in this series, has NO IDEA that she is in fact an absolute angel, until one day her prince, Kyoshiro Ayanokoji, that she’s always dreamed of coming to save her, does so when in fact he just wants to collect these angels too.

Fight breaks out between Kyoshiro and his other siblings that also own Angels, and blah blah blah blah blah straight plot.

The real reason you’re watching this series

Onto Himeko and Kaon. So, Kaon is actually owned and controlled by a woman named Mika, who is the ruler of a Witch Academy (more like priestesses) and has many slaves and servants. All female. She is also sister to Kyoshiro.

Mika, is actually in love with Kaon, but Kaon has no feelings for her. Whenever Kaon does something wrong, she will punish Kaon. Mika is a certified lesbian. She makes love to her various servants. (I wish I had this life) She is a cruel ruler. However Kaon, for mysterious reasons, is in love with a servant named Himeko. This makes Mika jealous, and Mika tries to punish both kaon and Himeko.

Overall, plot is not terrible but there are many plot holes and questionable actions. It’s also kind of boring….

There isn’t that much yuri, but it’s there. Unfortunately, Kaon and Himeko are not the main couple in this story =/ I do have to dock points since it’s not exactly pure shoujo-ai/yuri

Yuri rating: 6/10

Overall rating: 4/10


To be quite honest, I had no qualms with the lack of Yuri. It was there, and there were kisses, so that’s good enough for me. But uh, the storyline was quite boring and dry. It was actually pretty hard to finish. ESPECIALLY because the majority of it is dumb straight plot =/

Additionally, MECHAS? really? They turn into fucking GUNDAMS??

Yes. This is her gundam.

So stupid. Seriously. They’re angels but they own mother effin GUNDAMS? ugh.

And honestly, Shiratori Kuu is pretty air-headed. Sweet but, so many moments are pretty cringe-worthy.

As for Himeko and Kaon, I did enjoy their storyline. In the end, all Mika wanted was love =(

I forgot to mention, they have weird ass abilities. So stupid, holy shit. They’re almost all instruments. Mika’s is a freakin Cello for fucks sake. I can’t really show you a picture of her with her attack. But imagine her, rubbing a stick on a cello furiously. Like a mad women.

With an angry Poop face.

And by poop face I mean, it looks like she’s trying to poop something out.

Kyoshiro’s is a violin if I can remember correctly (I don’t care about him anyways. Stupid hobo has two women chasing after him).

So yeah, it was a bit ridiculous. And then all the angels come together to form one super powered mecha gundam, that one evil brother controls in order to destroy the world, because he hates the world, and wants to rebuild it or some shit. And then kyoshiro must stop him in order to save the love of his life, Kuu *rolls eyes* gah so dumb.

So yeah, I docked them major points for their unbelievable plot. Would I watch it for the story? Hell fuckin no. It’s slow, it’s bad, it’s cringey, and it’s gotten me mad enough to say “hell fuckin no”, but hey, I do have to give them some credit for Himeko + Kaon/reincarnated Chikane.

So I gave them points for Yuri, but had to dock them points for overall story.

Now if Kaon and Himeko never kissed, and it was strictly subtext, never saying “i love you”, then it’d be a different story, with a different rating, and a much angrier emotion.

In summary, not worth watching the whole thing, but worth watching for Himeko + Kaon.

Yuri rating: 6/10

Overall rating: 4/10

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