Renai Idenshi XX (2009 – 2013)

AKA Love DNA XX, or Love Gene XX. Written by Eiki Eiki, and drawn by Zaou Taishi


Recently completed and done fan translated, it can be found here.

The story revolves around a world where men no longer exist. They have become extinct, and now only females survive. However, the government has decided to implement an “Eden” project, where half the population is split into ADAMS (predominantly the “males” in this society) and the EVES, the females. ADAMS are supposed to take on the role that men used to, such as working and the EVES take the female role, taking care of children and such.

ADAMS are even forced to bind their chest in order to look more male. It is forbidden for EVES to be together, as is the same as ADAMS (almost similar to homosexuality).

As for the amount of lesbian content, well, the whole freakin world is female 🙂 That makes me happy. However,  despite all this, I do forget occasionally that the ADAMS are in fact female. I often get lost, due to the art style, and read it in a male voice in my head. It mind tripped me a bit the first couple of times. It was difficult to get used to. Especially since the translators decided to refer to the ADAMS as males at a certain point because the original Japanese story used the Japanese pronoun of “he”, and so they used that.

The story is incredibly straight forward. This story is more focused on the realization of a very obvious love rather than the struggles it is to be together. I’d have to say there is no actual strong plot, or some strong resistance towards them other than society. The story had so much potential, and even then….

Annnyways, I’ll save that for the spoilers section.

As for art, I thought it was quite good and pretty, even if it was this weird mesh of male-female traits and characteristics, I still thought it was quite beautiful.

Art: 8/10

Yuri Rating: 9/10

Overall Rating: 6/10


You see why I get confused?...

You see why I get confused?…

Before I begin, I have a bone to pick with whoever translated/edited Chapter 17. The english is SO terrible. It pulled me out of the story and just. Oh god it’s so bad. There’s one point where the translation is SO terrible, an obligatory “doge” meme is required.

Here’s a snippet of what I had to read through:



“weak for some time past” what…

I can't...

I can’t…

So yeah, major bone to pick. I am so tempted to redo the whole fuckin chapter cause of that ONE guy…..

Now onto the actual story. I thought it carried a lot of potential because Koshiro Aoi wanted to KILL Sakura and her group, yet, she doesn’t. Instead she joins them, and OK it was obvious she would fall in love with Sakura. Like SO Obvious. I was also surprised that when they were separated apart, they first, stayed with their convictions of love, and didn’t actually separate….

If I didn’t know any better….I might categorize this as fluff….

I guess you’re probably wondering why I gave it a 9/10 instead of a full 10/10 since the whole WORLD are women. But it got me confused I mean, the ADAMS are meant to be the symbolic “men” in this world, and if that was the case…was this not Yaoi? Also the art made it confusing at some points because they just looked so much like MEN.

So I got super confused as to what exactly the Yuri rating of this SHOULD be, and if I have to question it, even just a little, I had to dock a point. It’s a world full of women, yes, but…ok I’m getting confused again, this confusion docks them a point ok. OK. OK???

Yeah so I’ll just stick with that…

Art is pretty nice, I can admit that. It’s not a full 10/10 simply because it’s not the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen. Also there was a confusing point where the ADAM trying to stop Sakura and Aoi from being together…I wasn’t sure if that was the nice guy Aoi called “mushroom” from the beginning or a different top 10 I just wasn’t sure anymore…also his hair is ugly as fuck so there’s another point. And you know what, Yes I admit, Erika is kind of hot, but that hair….

that hair….

and I did have to dock off a point because they do look more male than female!  I get butch, I get that I can tell. But there are points where the art makes them look full 100% male.

So considering those points, the overall score had to be docked a bunch. It just was not a great plot. Granted, it is a lot shorter than other manga’s, but just the storyline isn’t that great. These characters don’t really change over time…only their feelings? They’re pretty static as far as I can tell.

It was a light, easy read though, and it’s definitely not the worst Yuri I’ve read so I’ll give them that.

Art: 8/10

Yuri Rating: 9/10

Overall Rating: 6/10

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