Daughters of Club Bilitis (2011) (Korean)

The TV/movie special show by KBS “Daughters of Club Bilitis” that caused a ton of controversy in Korea.

Genre: Angst, Drama

Finding a download/stream link to this was harder than it should. After a lot of pain, I managed to extract one from a chinese player and uploaded it myself >=(



The story revolves around 3 couples at 3 different stages of their lives, and the basic struggles of being gay through out the short period.

It’s a very short story (THANKS KBS) because of controversy (homosexuality is not accepted in Korea….yet). I applaud KBS for willing to take a step in this direction, but I have to take that applause back for succumbing to the pressures of the KCC.

Background to Korea’s views on homosexuality: Homosexuality does not exist to Koreans. If it is, some may consider it a disease or a mental illness. I’ve spoken with some Korean students nowadays, and things seem to be getting better. There are gay pride gatherings (if you’re brave enough), and younger generations view it more as a “why would I care? It’s their life not mine” which is good. The problem is the older generation. Right now, they’re the ones on Koreas censorship committee (they decide what is aired at what times. They have control over blocking certain websites and putting restrictions) and the ones running the government, and parents. They still hold very conservative views. These views are then passed down onto their children and hence, most people in school/society believe these views as well. Yes, you can get fired for being gay, and no there are no real laws protecting gays. But like I said, things ARE getting a bit better, but most of the time it’s a very bad place to be gay.

The first pairing are high school students, Kim Jooyeon and Yoon Yeokyung. They’re not together, but whilst Jooyeon was staring at the girl she likes does Yeokyung notice, and together they become friends, talking about their struggles in Korean society. The second are in their middle age, Kang Hana and Lee Youngeun going through the struggles of hiding their relationship from people around them. Jooyeon reaches out to Kang Hana on the internet for help struggling with her own sexuality. Hana then takes Jooyeon to the Daughters of Bilitis club, run by couple Choi Hyangja and Park Myung Hee. A club exclusively for lesbians to be themselves. Choi hyangja and Myung hee together go through the struggles of already being out.

Although short (due to controversy), I still enjoyed it. They unfortunately couldn’t push it too much such as passionate kissing or sex scenes (again, a show about lesbians was already pushing it), it was still very enjoyable. All the women are pretty nice to stare at too. I do wish they could’ve done more, even just kissing =(

Yuri Rating: 10/10

Overall Rating: 10/10



You’re probably wondering how realistic this story is. I’m going to tell you right now, it’s very realistic. This is exactly what you would expect from most people, ESPECIALLY for the high school pair.

The first high school story absolutely broke my heart. The spreading of rumors, internet photos and such are a big big thing in Korea. It’s the main source of bullying. So to see Yoo Yeokyung take that big step into it, to protect Jooyeon, it was absolutely heartbreaking. Note to Jooyeon: LOCK YOUR FUCKING PHONE NEXT TIME. Props to Yeokyung for being that brave, but still being outed by the school in KOREA is probably not a fun thing.

The second one wasn’t any better. Pregnant girlfriend? Shit I would flip too. But those are the pressures of society. The pressure to conform, and to feel NORMAL again. Even your views are getting judged by others. When Hana voiced her views on homosexuality (accepting) to her male coworker, even then she was scrutinized.

And finally the old couple was bitter-sweet. 10 years she hasn’t seen her daughter because of her sexuality, and suddenly she shows up in an uncomfortable position. Things don’t get better until finally, their true feelings are revealed. It’s a sweet ending because her daughter finally understands her mother a bit more, and understands what she’s sacrificed for happiness, and that if she had a choice she would’ve chosen her family, but with the weight of depression on her shoulders, she couldn’t take it anymore.

This was probably one of the best asian lesbian TV movies I have had the pleasure to watch. Although mostly filled with drama,  it tackles the real issues that most dramas, movies, and tv shows ignore. It really is a shame that such a good show had to be stopped due to old people and societal views, I feel like if it aired  longer it could have really helped out the gay community in Korea. Not to mention, KBS is doing a freaking crackdown on this show (again, pressure) so I promise as long as I have the files, I will upload this as many times necessary.

Yuri Rating: 10/10

Overall Rating: 10/10


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  1. AWESOME THANKS FOR THIS, I loooveeeed it, your blog is so different,not the usual yuri themes or titles …ah I’m in blog-love.

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