Twin Cake (2012 – 2013)

Written and Drawn by Aoi Hana


Yes, I know I’ve been doing A LOT of manga reviews lately


Twin cake is about a girl named Kaede (shorter haired one) who idolizes a famous model, Susuran so much that she decided to pursue modelling herself. She even joins Susuran’s modelling agency in order to get closer to her, but has never actually met Susuran despite this. However, she has failed to become popular and instead works much more like an assistant and secretary for her agency. After Susuran fires ANOTHER one of her managers, the agency is in a desperate need to replace them in order to look more legit. As a last minute desperation, she decides to hire Kaede as Susuran’s new manager.

Kaede is first very excited to become Susuran’s new manager. However her image of Susuran is immediate shattered upon walking in on Susuran having sex with another female model. (No spoiler, second chapter lol). Kaede, embarrassed begins to see Susuran in a different light and falls even deeper in love. Susuran however, is still in love with someone else.

This was a pretty good manga, although short (7 chapters). It IS pretty angsty (prepare yourself) but still enjoyable.

THERE IS NUDITY. It’s not a main element (so it’s not hentai) but it does exist, as well as sex.

Art: 6.5/10

Yuri Rating: 10/10

Overall Rating: 8/10


I enjoyed it. The development was a bit short but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Am I happy that Susuran liked that really old old manager of hers? God no. There isn’t really a lot of depth to this manga so I mean, it’s a very easy to follow storyline. That doesn’t make it any less of a great manga. I docked points on the overall score for other reasons. It was easy to follow, and it’s definitely one I really enjoyed reading. Is it my favorite? No…. not really…

I really liked how Kaede slowly fell in love with Susuran. But I was by no means given any reason as to why Susuran fell in love with Kaede. I mean, I”m happy in the end she loved Kaede, but….why? I guess it was from Kaede’s point of view so were restricted to that. But why would Susuran fall in love with Kaeda other than the fact that Kaede believes in her? Is that the only reason?… Or tha she’s by her side?  I just felt like Susuran’s feelings had a complicated cover but in the end, were quite simple (and it was triggered by a kiss anyways lol)

For Art, it was a mix of both simplistic and detailed. Body’s were very very simple as well as background art (not that THAT matters so much) but hair and clothing were quite detailed. Well, I guess it should be since it is revolved around modelling. But their faces are simple, but not their eyes. I was very conflicted as what to rate it because it wasn’t quite as high as a 7 but not as low as a 6 (in my opinion) so I gave it a 6.5.

As for Yuri, no male love line even remotely exists. Susuran is very much a lesbian from the get go, so no complaints here. I mean I’m not happy she loved that old manager and has been trying to win her back for ages but, she was female so she qualified.

So overall, great story. I would definitely read this over again. I think I’ve read this, about 3 times now.

Art: 6.5/10

Yuri Rating: 10/10

Overall Rating: 8/10

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