Some Like It Hot/Hellcats (2008) (Korean)

Korean movie focusing mainly on comedy, coming of age, and drama.

Due to the severe lack of new Shoujo-ai/Yuri Anime’s, we won’t be seeing an Anime review (*sigh*…at least a recent one…) for quite some time. I hate dry spells…

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This movie centers around a family of three. One mother, her daughter, and her sister, all going through a romantic crisis. The single mother Kim Young Mi (Lee MiSook), is going through a mid-life crisis where she worries she’s too old to attract men anymore. Until she meets Kyoung-soo, who is an aspiring actor in the same theater who find her 40-some self sexy. Her Sister, 27 year old screenplay writer, Kim Ah-mi (Kim MinHee), also going through a crisis of love. Having just broken up with her deadbeat boyfriend, meets a man she typically would not date. The daughter of Young Mi, Kim Kang-ae (Ahn SoHee from the Wonder Girls), finds herself in her own teenage crisis of being in love with her best friend and dealing with her sexuality and that she just might be a lesbian. Together, all 3 work through their struggles and come to terms with their selves.

I like this movie A LOT. Despite that 2/3 couple story lines are straight, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie as well as the lesbian pairing. Granted, it is a KOREAN movie so understandably they can’t take it too far, but still very well enjoyed. I would say its more drama/coming to terms with yourself kind of movie rather than a comedy, but I still enjoyed it non the less.

Yuri Rating: 4/10

Overall Rating: 6/10


I don’t want to talk about the straight couple….not really anyways. I mean from an objectively very lesbian standpoint, HOW CAN AH-MI SAY NO TO THE RICH DUDE????

Ok now moving on to the lesbian kids. It was actually super uncomfortable for me to watch Sohee—err Kangae make out with Kibum (-___-) but I guess what they were trying to capture was Kangae trying to convince herself she’s straight. Or try it out. Unfortunately she ends up being hopelessly in love with (Miran) when Miran almost practices kissing with Kangae (queue squeeling).

If you look back at the ending scene where Miran gives Sohee something, REMEMBER: She was making that in class for “someone special” when Kangae got mad and jealous over this mystery boy….and it ended up being her…..TEEEHEEEEEHEEEEHEEE The cuteness of this couple is beyond me at this point.



It was foreshadowed this whole time that Miran loved Kangae back :333

My only real complaint is the ending. Despite Kangae’s happy ending, nothing really is….resolved…

Kangae and Miran like each other back. GREAT. But Miran has moved….now what? I guess Kangae just accepts that she likes girls and moves on?

Ah-mi deals with the fact that she has to stay true to herself despite what she thinks might be good for her?

The mom just accepts her old age? I guess I wanted a clearer ending of what happened after all these self-realizations came to life.

Yuri rating: 4/10

Overall rating: 6/10

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