Hana and Hina After School (2015 – 2017)

A Japanese manga by the one and only, Morinaga Milk.

Link can be found here for chapters 1-15 here, and the rest of the chapters (that are unfortunately not on dynasty-scans yet) Chapters 15-19 here.


Hina (left) and Hana (right)

The story is about two high school girls. Hana, a small, quiet and cute girl. And Hina, a tall, cool part-time model. They fatefully meet when Hina enters a cute little shop that Hana works out, and then turns out to transfer to Hana’s school. The two girls slowly become friends, and eventually…something more.

The art is fairly nice. It looks the same as Morinaga’s other work. The only thing that bugged me was that Hana looked a bit TOO young that it sometimes took me out of the romance, otherwise the art was pretty solid.

There’s no appearance from any men whatsoever so it deserves full points on the Yuri scale.

It is short, as its only 19 chapters, I fully trust Morinaga Milk when it comes to my Shoujo-ai, I just wish it were longer.

So the style was fairly consistent with being a slow pace in realizing each others love, in addition to it being fairly light. It was an enjoyable read, I would almost put it in the “fluff” section but can’t due to it not quite being that either. I explain more in detail below, but there are spoilers.

So take a read, see if my rating is justified.

Art: 9/10

Yuri: 10/10

Overall: 6/10



For the art rating, I docked a point off because Hana looks too young sometimes. Like 12, and it makes me feel like a pedo so TAKE THAT. -1 POINT.

Now as for the overall, I rated it fairly low and that is due to the story.

I know what your thinking.

“But Yukari-chan, if you said it was an enjoyable read, why did it score so low on overall?”

So here’s my gripe.

While I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with not having any conflict whatsoever, the story just didn’t balance out with anything.For example, if its lacking in conflict, what does it make up in for? Humor? Love?

The only reason I hesitated from directly calling it fluff is because the fluff feels like it takes a long time to get to, and when you get those moments its very short.

While the slow progression of the love is something I would usually enjoy, the lack of both conflict AND fluff leaves a lot to be desired. The seemingly only conflict they have is with  accepting that they have feelings for the other, and while that’s a fine thing to have, it doesn’t take long to solve.

In fact, I felt that once they got over the hump of the “can we be friends” dilemma, the story jumps them into the romantic feelings territory almost right away.

So when the ending finally hit you’re left sitting there saying to yourself “I WANT MORE GOD DAMMIT”.

You want them to face more conflict as a couple, or go through the year together with more conflict. You want more cute moments too.

So yes, although this was a very light, hence “enjoyable” read, and although I definitely don’t hate it, I don’t think I love it either.

So I think myself, and Hina and Hana should stay just friends.

Art: 9/10

Yuri: 10/10

Overall: 6/10

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