Secret Of The Princess (2013 – 2015)

Another short (6 chapters) manga by Morinaga Milk.

It can be found here.

It’s a Morinaga Milk review spree! I read two short Morinaga Milk ones, so I thought I might as well do two reviews since both are fairly short.


Secret of the princess is about two girls in an all girls high school. Fujiwara, a cool, volleyball star, and Miu, a shy girl who’s main focus in life is to marry her prince. One day, she witnesses Fujiwara knocking over the Principle’s expensive vase. Fujiwara begs Miu that in exchange for not telling on her, she will do anything Miu asks. Miu has always wanted to date but never had the chance, and asks Fujiwara to simulate being her boyfriend.

The rest of the story goes through their antics of what a boyfriend is, as well as working through their feelings.

For the art, I had no complaints this time. Despite Miu being cute, she thankfully was drawn to not look that young in this. No points deducted here. Both girls are very cute, even fujiwara the “tomboy” is very pretty.

The setting takes place in an all girls school, so no deductions on Yuri here.

As for story, it was definitely a cute story, but there’s just enough conflict and love to make your heart beat faster which I actually adored. Despite it being very short, it was very enjoyable.I do wish it was longer, and for that A POINT DEDUCTION. Also it is short, so ANOTHER POINT DEDUCTION.

Art: 10/10

Yuri: 10/10

Overall: 8/10


The story for this had an almost perfect mix. You had Miu, a girl who wanted to be admired by all and has waited her whole life to find her “prince” to no avail. What I loved about this though, is that when she told her friends, and basically the whole school she was going out with the most popular girl, she was met with shock and somewhat disgust. I LOVED how that part of realism was there.

A lot of manga’s gloss over the fact that despite it being an all girls school, it gets brushed off as “well…it is an all girls school, I suppose things like that happen”. And although there’s this exact line in the manga as well, it doesn’t gloss over the fact that even though it is an all girls school, and this is “fluffy manga land”, Lesbians still aren’t actually accepted.

I wasn’t expecting that aspect of reality to seep through, so I think that’s what made it more enjoyable that there was some grounding of reality in it.

Although the reaction of the mother did gloss over it…Can’t have everything I suppose, the manga wasn’t nearly long enough.

There was also a good amount of fluff. That budding love, but that sneak kiss when Fujiwara kisses Miu when Miu is crying MADE MY HEART BURST.


Not only are they dealing with coming to terms with their own sexuality, but dealing with the rest of the school having a real Girl x Girl couple was something they had to deal with.

The only thing, although may seem minor, is WHY IS IT SO SHORT.


That is all.

Art: 10/10

Yuri: 10/10

Overall: 8/10

4 thoughts on “Secret Of The Princess (2013 – 2015)

  1. Hello, Yukari-chan! On my first visit here, I was pleased to find your most excellent review of my favorite manga by Morinaga-sensei. I embarrassed myself by going on and on about it in a reply to a reply to a reply, etc. in Lena’s post on what to read next over at Yuri Reviews. I, too, like all of the real mixed in with the fantasy, and love the revelatory scene with Kaori-chan, the spontaneous kiss and the entirety of the confession, beginning with the lunch in the dusty storage area. My only quibble with your review is that I would not have docked the manga two points for its brevity. It may be brief, but Morinaga packed a lot into six chapters.

    • It is my favorite of Morinaga’s too. It’s just really well done, and the drama isn’t drawn out longer than it should be. Plus, as they are already an established couple by the first chapter (‘fake’, but it works) the drama reaches a tipping point with the balcony scene that was just really really good. I do wish it had gone longer so that it could tell us about their life after they accepting themselves as girlfriends, and I would have liked to see more from Fujiwara-senpai’s point of view. But overall, it’s just an amazingly solid manga and I love it a lot! ❤

    • Hahahaa ^^; so sorry. I am preoccupied with school and haven’t even had time to read anything *sigh* the curse of inactivity. I’m reading one now, so I’ll hopefully post it soon!

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