About me

Canadian blogger who loves Yuri and Shoujo Ai.

Wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore otaku, but I love Yuri and Shoujo Ai manga/anime. I think I’ve read pretty much every manga I can possibly get my hands on in English. I’ve watched most things Yuri.

What I like: series. Long, but not too long, cute, sweet

What I don’t like: Hentai. I can stand sex and panty-shots in a manga/anime as long as it’s not a main plot/element…… Also not into incest of any form. Even if they don’t look like each other, (you know which anime I’m talking about…) just, just, no….

Contact at: yukarichan.blog@gmail.com

Twitter: @YukariChanBlog

Navigating this site:

To check out my Yuri/Shoujo-ai reviews, click on the “Review” button and there will be a drop down menu with the category “anime” or “manga”.


-Yukari Chan

3 thoughts on “About

  1. It’s a good thing that you don’t think i’m weird LOL. I like wandering around pages and talking to (yuri) blog owners.
    So do you play games? I mean yuri games :3
    P.s: I’m not native english speaker so there might be some mistakes…

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