Last updated: January/26/2014

Q: Why did you decide to start this blog?

A: There are tons of Shoujo-ai/Yuri blogs, this is true. There is also a huge list of shoujo/ai yuri in it. And yes, there are other little review blogs. The problem for me though, was that none of these were actually useful.

Here’s what I mean. The giant shoujo-ai/yuri master list is first, not updated. I had trouble finding anything with shoujo-ai/Yuri content past the year 2008. Second, I couldn’t actually tell how much Yuri was in it because it listed EVERYTHING. Even things that had a slight hint of Yuri, and would still put a star beside it to indicate that it was good.

Another reason was because other sites never did quantify the amount of Yuri that well. I know one site tried, but honestly the system had like 15 categories (estimation may be exaggerated) and I could not really determine how much Yuri there actually was.

It was hard to combine the two. An anime that was also good BUT also had a high Yuri content. So I decided to start this. At this point, I have seen and read so much that it was time to help out others.

And because all the other blogs were leading unsuspecting Yuri/shoujo-ai/lesbians into the Maria-sama ga miteru trap. IT’S A TRAP. RUN.

Q: What makes your blogs different from other blogs?

A: Well, the fact that I talk extensively about these Yuri/Shoujo-ai anime blogs. Not only that, I have two separate ratings. One for overall, and one specifically for the Yuri content. This way you can actually quantify how good it is, or how much it is instead of just using stars or vocabulary.

I tell you the honest truth of exactly how much Yuri there is.

Q: Why should we trust you?

A: You’re right, there is no reason to trust me actually (haha). Everybody has their own opinions of every series and own biases. But I’m not going to rate every single anime over a 7 (Do you know which site I’m talking about?). And sure, ANN is probably the best anime opinion source.

That’s why, although I do have my opinions, I try to detail my reviews as much as possible so that you know exactly what it is you’re getting into, and whether or not you’ll like it.

Q: Are you Japanese?

A: No.

Q: Why do you call everything “Yuri”? I thought this was also a Shoujo ai blog!

A: To be quite honest, calling lesbian action, either shoujo ai/yuri, shoujo ai, or lesbian is just too damn long! Yuri is the basic blanket term I use to mean lesbian content. It doesn’t necessarily mean whatever I’m reviewing has a lot of nude scenes, it just means lesbian.

Q: Do you do personal “everyday life” posts? Or off topic posts?

A: I may do an occasional feature update, but no I try to refrain from doing everyday blog posts. To be quite honest, my reviews on these are already pretty personal. I don’t think I need to update you on my personal views of what someone did on the bus today, or what my views on what it means to be a lesbian. No matter how tempting it is, I would like to focus more on the content.

Q: Why do you call yourself “Yukari-chan”?

A: I’m not actually sure….I just needed a separate Alias and this name popped into my mind. The inspiration was probably from the name “Yukarin” from AKB48’s Kashiwagi Yuki.

Q: What is your grading scale?

A: Putting this in words seemed messy. So I made a picture:

blog ratings copy

This scaling applies to both Manga and Anime.

art ratings

Applies only to manga.

Q: How do you decide which anime/manga to review?


– Completed Series: I do not feel like it’s fair for me to review any manga or anime series that is not yet completed

Reasonable Length: It cannot be so absurdly long that I cannot possibly finish it (eg. 200+ episodes). It must not be too short either (eg. 3 minutes). So… yeah no sailor moon. As much as I’d love it, that series is waaayyyyyy too long for me to re-watch and do an in-depth review.

– No Hentai: I can deal with sex scenes, but I do not review any pure hentai animes. Because it’s terrible .I understand if there’s a sex scene if it’s just as a story plot device and not a main element, sure. Anything more than that is just a straight up NO.

– No Traps!: No manga’s that are mostly fan service / in your head /delusions. There must be some element of real love in the story THAT MUST BE CANNON. Subtext is OK, but no delusions! (I’m looking at YOU people who recommend Ga Rei Zero.)

I go by recommendation. Usually by blog, friends, or request. I also would like to go by length (as in, not 1 half an hour episode only). My standard also used to be that it’s recent, but I’m cutting that out since there is a large lack of yuri/shoujo ai anime.

For manga, I’m a little bit pickier. I usually don’t review one shots unless they are long. I would like the length to at least exceed 3 chapters (assuming 24 pages each), but not exceeding over 150 chapters.

For Manga:

– Art must be reasonably good: no shitt art! The art has to be tolerable I can’t tolerate really shitty art (sorry) unless it was, again, highly recommended by the shoujo ai/yuri community. I would, and then rate it as terrible art on my scale, but I personally struggle immensely reading through series with terrible art.

I also use this blog to warn others into various traps that some people have set up… >.>

Q: Are you a lesbian?

A: Of course. Why else would I watch and read so much yuri stuff?….

Q: Wait! So if I read + watch so much yuri and shoujo ai stuff, does this make me a lesbian?!

A: Some people will tell you “no” because you kind of have to figure that out for yourself…

But fuck that. Straight up, yeah you probably are. Bisexual at least.

Q: But what if I’m a guy?

A: Ok if you’re a guy who watches/read Yuri, you’re probably a pervert who gets off on lesbians.

If you’re a guy who watches shoujo-ai, you’re just plain weird. Not sure if gay or if also a pervert…..

Q: There’s an anime I want you to review / I want to send you love mail / I want to ask you a question / I want to send you a suggestion / I want to send you hate mail (NOOoooooo ;___;)

A; Sure! My e-mail is actually in the “about page”, but for convenience sake, here it is: yukarichan.blog@gmail.com

Any questions or comments? Feel free to post down below, or again, contact me through e-mail.

3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I really appreciate your reviews on the shoujo ai anime & manga around! With the shoujo ai dot com website gone, I felt a bit lost.. Good to see that you’re keeping the shoujo ai spirit alive!

    • Thank you so much for your support! I am trying my best to keep this as up to date as possible with quality content!

      I don’t know if you play league, but, dat ashe.

  2. It took a long time for me to discover this–I wonder if the shoujo ai + yuri fansubbing sites should support/adverise your reviews? Perhaps act as more motivation to keep you going. 🙂

    I never managed to get into League–I suppose I’m forever a noob at that game. Ashe is hawt though B)

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